Der Bake Oven Bakery & Cafe : Made From Scratch Bakery, Cafe, Ice Cream and Espresso Shop
Der Bake Oven Bakery & Cafe : Made From Scratch Bakery, Cafe, Ice Cream and Espresso Shop
Tel: 330-893-3365
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Daily Features
Homemade Soups & Combos
Made with the Freshest Ingredients, no mixes. Soup is subject to change due to cooks trying new recipes.
Monday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Broccoli Cheese
Tuesday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Ham & Bean or Chili
Wednesday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Chicken Chowder or Chicken Noodle
Thursday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Tomato Basil or Rivel or Stuffed Green Pepper
Friday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Cheeseburger or Clam Chowder
Saturday   $
Beefy Vegetable / Creamy Potato
Bowl of Soup with wedge of homemade bread   $4.99
Cup of Soup with wedge of homemade bread   $3.99
Soup Combo   $8.39
Soup with wedge of homemade bread, small drink and pastry or 1 dip ice cream
Soup & Sandwich Combo
Soup & Sandwich Combo   $9.99
Cup of soup with wedge of bread, sandwich and small drink
Sandwich Combo   $9.89
Sandwich, chips or veggies and dip and medium drink or 1 dip ice cream
Soup To Go - Qt.   $8.25
2 - 16oz servings
Soup To Go - Gal.   $29.95
8 - 16oz Servings
Sandwiches, Wraps & Plates
All Entrees come with choice of one side option
Chicken Salad on Croissant or Wrap   $8.99
Chicken pcs, celery, onion, grapes, toasted almonds, mayo, seasonings
Gourmet turkey on Croissant Bun   $8.79
Slow roasted smoked turkey pcs.
served with a creamy cranberry sauce.
Pulled Pork on Potato Bun   $8.99
Our own fall apart / seasoned to perfection meat. BBQ on the side.
Italian Beef on Potato Bun
Italian Beef on Potato Bun   $8.99
Chuck roast slow roasted & seasoned with fresh onions, garlic & peppers topped with slice of provolone.
Sloppy Jo on Potato Bun   $9.49
Oour own seasoning, Kid friendly
Trail Bologna and Swis on Potato Bun
Trail Bologna and Swis on Potato Bun   $9.39
Hot or Cold, Local Favorite
Ham and Swiss on Toasted Chives Roll   $9.39
Grilled Cheese   $8.79
Swiss or American on homemade bread.
Smoked Sausage on homemade bun   $9.39
Local smoked sausage w/ sautéed peppers & onions topped w/ melted white cheese.
Grilled Chicken/Bacon Ranch Wrap   $9.49
marinated grilled chicken pcs, local bacon, salsa cheese, lettuce & tomato all wrapped up in a flour tortilla, served with homemade ranch dipping sauce.
Paninis   $9.59
Made with sour dough bread or wrap served with homemade honey mustard sauce. Choice of above meats.
Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo   $9.39
Ham & Swiss on homemade bread w/ a hint of mayo/mustard sauce dipped in egg then grilled to perfection, served w/ a splash of fresh strawberry jam.
Philly Steak
Philly Steak   $9.59
Tender slices of steak topped w/ grilled onions & peppers then smothered in white cheese served on a French bread roll.
Trail Bologna & Swiss Plate   $6.99
Bologna, cheese and crackers
(no side option)
Gourmet Salad
Gourmet Salad   $8.79/10.79
Cook's Choice
Tostados Salad   $8.79/10.79
Fritos, taco seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes served with taco sauce and sour cream on the side.
Quesadillas   $10.79
Grilled chicken, grilled peppers and onions, tomato, cheddar and swiss cheese served with side of fresh salsa and sour cream
Side Options
All Side Options   $2.99
House Salad, German Style Potato Salad, Potato Chips, Cottage Cheese, Cole Slaw, Veggies and Dip, Apple Sauce, Homefries and Baked Beans(.60 extra)& For $.55 extra add sour cream and corn chips)
Coffee   $1.39*1.59*1.79
Free Refill for Dine In
Hot Tea   $1.39*1.59*1.79
Free Refill for Dine In
Hot Cocoa   $2.79
Made with milk.
Juice   $1.75
Milk - White   $.70
Milk - Chocolate   $1.40
Espresso Bar
Espresso Bar   $
Espresso Flavor Options
Espresso Flavor Options   $
prices subject to change   $
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